Himal Innovative Development & Research


Himal Innovative Development and Research is an established name in the Nepalese consulting business that provides consultancy services to various agencies. It has proven work experience to encompass research, evaluation, and publication on social, economic, educational, cultural, political rights and overall human rights issues. HIDR has been actively engaged in legal empowerment of the citizen through the campaign “know the law, use the law and shape the law for strengthening rule of law” .

It specializes in Knowledge Generation through research, policy analysis and policy reviews. Socialization of such Knowledge through advocacy, policy dialogues, training and linking with classroom of various colleges and Dissemination in the form of Policy Briefs, Publications and toolkits. All in all, HIDR strongly abides by the GESI Approach, Feminist Approach, and Intersectionality in all of its interventions as well as values Human Right Standards. From the beginning of its operation, it has been providing series of services to different level of governmental and non-governmental organizations that includes local to federal government, parliamentarian, UN agencies, International organizations and local civil society organizations.