Himal Innovative Development & Research

Policy Analysis: COVID-19 Pandemic & Gender Based Violence
Empower Elected Provincial Government Officials to Promote Gender Responsive Policies.
Enhancing Feminist Leadership Across UN Women Nepal's Programming
Study on Effective Operational Modality of Various Funds Response to Gender Equality and GBV within Federal Governance System in Nepal
Access to Justice to Address the Problems of Gender Based Violence & Violence Against Women
Bird’s Eye View on Company’s Financial Position
Creating an Enabling Environment for the Justice of Women through Policy & Advocacy
Research on Child Friendly Justice to the Victims of Violence Against Children
Research on Status of Family & Community Relation & Identity of the Children Living in Child Care Homes
Research on Child Friendly Sensitiveness on the Services Provided by Governemnt of Nepal to the Children on Education & Health
Conducted Research on Sexual Violence Amongst Girl Child in 10 Districts of Nepal
SAARC Regional Scoping & Mapping: Advocacy & Justice for the Children in South Asia
Managing with Constituent Assembly & Legislative Parliament: Promoting Child Rights in the New Constitution
Establishment of the Organization on 2nd January