Himal Innovative Development & Research

Current Members

Indu Tuladhar

Indu Tuladhar,Executive Chair

Ms. Indu Tuladhar, the Executive Chair to HIDR is one of the legal experts in Nepal working in the area of legal policy reform in the county in the area of gender justice (access to justice), the rule of law, and human rights Ms Tuladhar is well-known entities within the Nepali gender and development community & Feminist Movement and thus are able to identify and gain access to relevant stakeholders. She is also the author to numerous books which revolve around the area of Law, Gender, Feminism etc.

Rijan Maharjan

Rijan Maharjan,Finance Officer

Rijan Maharjan is the Finance Officer to HIDR Nepal. Mr. Maharjan holds an undergraduate degree in Business Studies and is pursuing Master in Business Studies. He is responsible for Financial Management and oversight of the company. He is an enthusiastic learner and enjoys experimenting with new technics.

Lumana Upreti

Lumana Upreti,Program Coordinator

Ms. Lumana Upreti has experience working in human rights, children's rights, minorities, and human rights. She advocates for evidence-based legal policy reform incorporating an intersectional approach. Lumana holds a B.A. LLB (Hons) degree from West Bengal, National University of Juridical Science. She is responsible for data and legal analysis, preparing research reports and policy briefings at Himal Innovative Development and Research Pvt. Ltd.

Shristi Duwadi

Shristi Duwadi,Program Coordinator

Ms. Shristi Duwadi is a Program Coordinator at HIDR Nepal. She has completed her B.A.LL. B from Nepal law campus and is an advocate. She has a keen interest in legal research and has delved into many research programs. At HIDR, she is responsible to plan and coordinate programs, carry out legal research, its analysis and prepare various reports pertaining to the program.

Usha Kushwaha

Usha Kushwaha,Program Associate

Ms. Usha Kushwaha, the Associate Program Officer at HIDR, has completed her master’s in Rural Development and currently pursuing law at Nepal Law Campus. She has sound experience working in areas of human rights, particularly in gender justice, child rights, and other vulnerable and minor groups. At HIDR, Ms. Kushwaha is responsible for carrying out research and overall management of the training (developing and designing training programs), i.e., preparing resource book, training manual, (and training toolkit).


Alka Shrestha

Alka Shrestha,Training Coordinator

Natasha Jha

Natasha Jha,Program Coordinator

John Jha

John Jha,Program Coordinator

Mahesh Dangol

Mahesh Dangol,Advocate

Kritagya Shah

Kritagya Shah,Program Coordinator