Himal Innovative Development & Research

Current Members

Indu Tuladhar

Indu Tuladhar,Executive Chair

Ms. Indu Tuladhar, the Executive Chair to HIDR is one of the legal experts in Nepal working in the area of legal policy reform in the county in the area of gender justice (access to justice), the rule of law, and human rights Ms Tuladhar is well-known entities within the Nepali gender and development community & Feminist Movement and thus are able to identify and gain access to relevant stakeholders. She is also the author to numerous books which revolve around the area of Law, Gender, Feminism etc.

Lumana Upreti

Lumana Upreti,Program Coordinator

Ms. Lumana Upreti has experience working in human rights, children's rights, minorities, and human rights. She advocates for evidence-based legal policy reform incorporating an intersectional approach. Lumana holds a B.A. LLB (Hons) degree from West Bengal, National University of Juridical Science. She is responsible for data and legal analysis, preparing research reports and policy briefings at Himal Innovative Development and Research Pvt. Ltd.

Usha Kushwaha

Usha Kushwaha,Program Officer

Usha Kushwaha possesses extensive experience and dedication to her role as Program Officer at Himal Innovative Development And Research (HIDR). Holding a Master's degree in Rural Development and currently pursuing law at Nepal Law Campus, she possesses expertise in advocating for human rights, particularly for vulnerable groups such as women, children, and minorities. At HIDR, Ms. Kushwaha spearheads research-based projects, overseeing tasks ranging from conducting research and policy reviews to crafting reports and proposals. She also plays a pivotal role in training management, where her responsibilities include developing and designing training programs, as well as preparing essential resources like resource books, training manuals, and toolkits.

Prakriti KC

Prakriti KC,Program Officer

Prakriti KC brings a wealth of experience in human rights, youth development, gender issues, media, and research to her role as Program Officer. An International Relations graduate specializing in South Asian Studies (Pondicherry University, South Asia Foundation Scholar), she also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights. A passionate advocate for human rights and gender equality, Prakriti manages research-based projects at HIDR with specific focus on human rights. Her responsibilities include crafting research reports, research articles, proposals, and many more.

Mijala Chitrakar

Mijala Chitrakar,Program Officer

Mijala Chitrakar is a Program Officer at HIDR with passion and expertise on gender justice, climate change and social protection with particular focus on intersectionality and its impact on various communities. Ms. Chitrakar leverages their skills in research, communication, and social media management to support HIDR's initiatives. They hold a postgraduate degree in Development Studies from Kathmandu University School of Arts. At HIDR, Ms. Chitrakar is responsible for communication and outreach along with handling research-based projects.

Sushma Bastola

Sushma Bastola,Finance & Administrative Officer

Sushma Bastola is finance professional leading the Admin and Finance department with expertise in financial management and regulatory adherence. Her strategic acumen ensures sound financial decision-making, while her meticulous approach guarantees compliance with industry regulations. Ms. Bastola is Responsible for all financial and monetary statements including budget preparation for research projects and internal external audit in the HIDR. Along with overseeing and coordinating administrative tasks like facilities upkeep and personnel management, she also has the duty of making sure that the organization runs smoothly.