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Rights based Approach

The HIDR believes in and upholds the rights based approach for a number of reasons.

  • The essence of democracy is to empower people for better life. Conditions for better life persist on the ability of people to enjoy their social, cultural, economic, and political rights among others. Therefore, the HIDR upholds the rights based approach as a methodology to empower the people and creating the enabling environment.
  • The enabling environment substantially depends on how the institutions interact with individuals or vice a versa. Institutions profoundly matter both for growth and human development. Therefore, the HIDR examines the existing laws, policies, and administrative mechanisms to make the institutions democratic, responsible, and closer to serving the people.
  • With rights based approach, the HIDR focuses four main components: Equal Citizens, Social Protection, a Robust Market, and the Rule of Law. In absence of these four elements, neither the policy becomes democratic nor people can be empowered. Therefore, the HIDR understands the rights based approach as a methodology in creating conditions and achieving these four features in the Nepalese society through a number of activities: research, advocacy, policy dialogue, capacity building, publication, knowledge dissemination, and public awareness.