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What We Do

The consultancy services are either undertaken by the HIDR itself or also in association with other local
consulting firms. The HIDR is a learning organization that is looking forward to the opportunities
associate with international organizations and experts as well.


Policy Analysis & Dialogue


Rights based Approach


Policy Advocacy


Publication & Dessimination

Himal Innovative Development & Research

Following a period of significant expansion in the field of research, advocacy, policy analysis, and community empowerment services

The HIDR team/group is a well-established name in the Nepalese consulting business in the area of study, research, evaluation, publication on social, economic, educational, cultural, political rights


Recent Update

Ample opportunity for developing

Ample opportunity for developing

Following the policy of company, we aim to provide each and every staff with an...

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Demands and needs of the clients

Demands and needs of the clients

The HIDR aims for growth in both the national and regional markets by taking a...

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Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services

It also provides management-consulting services to other agencies on the issues of human resource management...

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Feedback on HIDR

Dear Everyone, The majority of the board of directors is engaged as the key contributor in the various advocacy and policy analysis activities, particularly in gender justice, education, child rights, and management related issues in Nepal. Asha Creative Designer, AN Nepal


Dear Everyone, Over the years, support of clients has helped us strengthen, assist and tone our operations and we expect continuum of our relations in coming years as well. It is because of our valuable clients we are able to mark...

Buddhi Dangol

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